Monday, February 9, 2015

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!

Hey SME (all!) business owners, how long has it been since you reviewed your website? I mean REALLY reviewed it by putting yourself in the prospective customer's shoes and asking yourself whether the impression it gives makes your brand shine and truly reflects your brand positioning?
If you haven't done this recently (or ever), you might want to consider this:
Bad grammar and spelling mistakes: What impression do you think this gives your existing and prospective customers? Assuming your service and product offerings are on par with your competitors, a simple mistake such as misspelling on your site may make your prospects consider whether you are as professional as your promotional collateral and advertising states.
Most SME's describe themselves as "professional", "reliable" or "trusted". However, when reviewing their 'virtual shop fronts' online, it surprises me how many sites contain spelling mistakes and poor grammar. Does this make a good first impression of those businesses? Not to me it doesn't, and the same applies to many of your prospective customers who jump online to search.
Don't let simple little mistakes get in the way of making a good first impression. Have your web site and other marketing collateral reviewed objectively and make sure all elements of your brand support your "professional" brand image.

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