Friday, February 20, 2015

B2B, B2C social media insights

If you want to know some very interesting facts and figures about the usage and impact of the various B2B and B2C social media channels and SEO, have a look at the article that I came across on the CMO Network group on Linkedin titled '100 Sales & Marketing Stats that will Blow your Mind'.

One of the key statistics that stands out to me is the increase in the number of interactions reported between an initial brand touch and a sale - it might be back to the drawing board of expectation management for many businesses that still operate on the allowable of 3 or 4 contacts. 

There also appear to be many lost opportunities for gaining valuable client testimonials, largely based on the fact that most customers are not asked for them - and are yet willing to give them..

Very interesting insights here. Happy reading.
Ps. You will need to sign up to obtain the report and you can opt out of future contact - see the link below.

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