Friday, June 8, 2012

"....but everyone was emailed about that!"

It never ceases to amaze us how often businesses, both large and small, can excel at communicating with their customers but fail dismally to do so with their own staff. Some appear to hold the belief that events or news will get through to their staff via osmosis or word of mouth or that once the message is sent, the receiver will automatically understand it because they "have been told". More often than not, this results in feelings of frustration or even alienation from those on whom the reputation of the brand is so heavily reliant.

If you have not recently surveyed your staff about what behaviours the business should do more of and less of to make it a better place to work at, do it now! We'll bet London to a brick that one of the, if not THE most frequently raised issue will be lack of communication. And without addressing this issue, there is a real danger that your organisation will become increasingly disjointed and there will eventually be a measurable cost of quality due to the need to communicate further about something that should have been better communicated up front.

Don't wait for something to go wrong before incorporating your staff in the could save your brand unnecessary cost, adverse publicity and staff angst.

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